COM+ and Type.GetType

Hi All,
 I am having a problem querying type info from a COM+ server application.
I have a library A.dll stored in the same directory as my com+ application dll. Also, i have added the COM+ dll and A.dll to the GAC. A.dll is loaded dynamically by com+ app, not present in the references. In the com+ component, when i try to create an instance by calling
Activator.CreateInstance(Type.GetType( typename))

Where typename = "A.X,A" where A is the namespace and X is the class, Type.GetType returns null.

However, when i copy A.dll to windows\System32 it finds the Type. Why does the COM+ component written in C# look for the library in System32.

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KelmenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Activation of COM+ in .NET is through mscoree.dll, which is resided in system32 folder. I guess your COM+ is server activated.

Just an idea, try change your COM+ to use library activation.

You may try Assembly.LoadFrom and Assembly.CreateInstance.

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