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unloadMovie() when you have multiple external swfs -- flash 5, pls.

Okay, here's my rather simple question, in a nutshell.

I'm building a simple menu to load several image galleries.  Click a button, and the image gallery (and external SWF) loads into the main movie.  So far, so good.

Now, I don't want to bog down the system by having lots and lots of these loaded, so it makes sense to use unloadMovie to get rid of the previous movie.

This script is easy enough:

on (press) {
    unloadMovie ("movie1.swf");
    loadMovieNum ("movie2.swf", movieholder);

However, people will certainly jump from gallery to gallery, not in sequence.

How can I get the unloadMovie command to unload ANY previous movie before loading the next movie?

Or, should I even worry all that much?  I'm worried about the processor bogging down if the user winds up with 3 or 4 megs of stuff. If that is NOT a factor, well, let me know.


1 Solution

Actually when you use the loadMovie or loadMovieNum,
given a particular movie attachment movieclip
It will automatically unload the previous one before loading another one,
it is a replacement scheme.

Say for an example
You have a mc on the stage so called, movie_space

And you do a loadMovie process
loadMovie ("movie1", _root.movie_space);

And when you do another loadMovie, it will replace the existing one
loadMovie ("movie2", _root.movie_space);


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