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Posted on 2004-10-28
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Last Modified: 2010-04-24
Hi all

Is it possible to export the "data" content  in a datagrid to a database-table.... where
the number of collums and collumnames in the datagrid are same as the table in the database.?

And if so... how can i do that

thank's in advance

rgds jens
Question by:vbturbo
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How did you get the data into the datagrid in the first place? Typically datagrids are bound to a DataTable or DataSet object .

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Datagrids have a Datasource property. If the datagrid is not bound tothe database, then you are still able to use the DataSource property to get the data in a number of forms. One of the MSDN examples is as follows:

Private Function GetDataSetFromDataSource() As DataSet
    ' Create a DataSet variable, and set it to the DataSource.
    Dim myDataSet As DataSet
    myDataSet = CType(dataGrid1.DataSource, DataSet)
    Return myDataSet
End Function 'GetDataSetFromDataSource

This dataset (or if you chose to use data table) can be used to do anumber of things to get the data into the database.

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Author Comment

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Hi there

thanks for quick reply

Have load'ded the data in the datagrid from a dataset "the grid is not bound to a table"
Afterwards i have been filtering the grid and now i want export the filtered result in to a new
table in a access database  or better into a new dataset ex.... myDataSet

ill try your above mentioned code and get back ...

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Author Comment

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Hi Andrew

did'nt have any succes with msdn suggestion so here is the code im useing

    Dim daprivatkunder As New OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter
    Dim dsprivatKlientAs New DataSet("Recordset")

 Private Sub cboadminstrtion_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cboadminstrtion.SelectedIndexChanged

        Navnedata = cboadminstrtion.Text
        Call mySqlserver()
        If cbosøgeindex.Text <> "Søge parameter" Then
            Kundeidprivat = "x"
            strSQL = "SELECT * FROM Kundedata Where Kundeid like '" & Kundeidprivat & "%'"
            rst = con.Execute(strSQL)
            daprivatkunder.Fill(dsprivatKlient, rst, "Kundedata")

            DataGrid1.CaptionText = "Klient udvalg"
            DataGrid1.RowHeadersVisible = True
            DataGrid1.DataSource = dsprivatKlient
            DataGrid1.DataMember = "Kundedata"
        End If
      End Sub

when im finished filtering the "dsprivatKlient/datagrid" i imagined that i could store/save the filteret
data into a new dataset

maybe you got a new suggestion..?

rgds jens
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Assisted Solution

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Why do you want to save the filtered data to a database?

If you are not making any modifications to the data in the datagrid then there are no changes to be sent to the database.

For sorting and filtering operations u can use the dataview.

Private Sub SortByTwoColumns()
   ' Get the DefaultViewManager of a DataTable.
   Dim myDataView As DataView
   myDataView = DataTable1.DefaultView
   ' By default, the first column sorted ascending.
   myDataView.Sort = "State, ZipCode DESC"
End Sub

then u can use the dataview.Table property to get the inbound table from the dataview. U can then use this datatable to bind to the datagrid.

Accepted Solution

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ID: 12443396

I just frigged up and lost the last lot of code I had done for you...Its late here and I need some sleep.

If you are still having issues in the morning I will re-post REALLY!!!! sorry:-(

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Author Comment

ID: 12443444
Hi there

worked another way around my problem

but any way thanks a lot

rgds jens

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