Need Help Quickly please!!!!


I have  a new 160 G hard drive.  When I run my installation CD. The computer is telling me " Device driver not found.  OEM001.  No valid CDROM drivers selected.  Why won't the CD work.  I suppose I need to format first? i appreciate the help.


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Hello compucharley =)

What OS are u trying to insatall ??
XP or Win2000 ??
if Yes then are u trying to boot from the CD after setting the boot order from BIOS to run the Setup ??
Hi compucharley,
Installation CD for the Hard Drive or the Operating System?
compucharleyAuthor Commented:
For the OS
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You need to set the bios to boot from the CDrom first. Hit delete as the computer reboots and set bios to defaults and then set the CDrom as the first device. You will have to watch as it boots to select the CDrom when promted. You may need a floppy to boot from. What OS are you tring to install?
compucharleyAuthor Commented:
yes the boot order is running the CD 1st in BIOS.
compucharleyAuthor Commented:
I found the problem. It was in the BIOS settings IDE configurations.  I needed to change "Enhanced"  to "compatitable"  to read the 98 CD.  Thanks for the responses.

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