Trouble retrieving data from AS400 files

I am currently trying to retrieve data from an AS400 table, i have succeeded with this many times before, however the only difference now is that i am trying to access JDEdwards files (and some of these to work), however for some files i have been able to retrieve some data (from the number fields) but other fields (string fields) in the files are being retrieve as jargon.
Data should be as follows:
However what is being retrieved is

Also the field types are not being retrieved correctly, all number fields seem to work fine in the files however the string fields are having problems, the actual field types are being change for example the following is a list of what is being converted.

10   Alpha      ->  String 20
5, 0 Packed    -> Number
10   Alpha     ->  String 20
1     Alpha     ->  String 2
10   Alpha     ->  String 20
1     Alpha     ->  String 2

where as the files that are working correctly seemd to have the same field types, what would be causing this to happen.

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This may be helpful

What is the underlying database?

I notice that what you listed as being retrieved is a 20 character field, hence the conversion to string(20).  Sounds like a driver issue to me.  My guess is that you're connecting to DB2 on the AS/400 and your driver isn't translating the binary alpha characters from their raw form into ascii text.

If you're using an ODBC connection with Client Access then edit the ODBC connection and check the "Translation" tab - I believe there's an option to "convert binary CCSID 65535 to text".  Check this option and see if that solves the problem.  If you're using another driver look for a similar option.


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