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Data Access options


I have a tables with 500,000 records. and i have many screens in my application.

someone told me that if i use data-aware component then each of them makes a seperate connection with databas....

what are the other option we can access the database and display the data.....without using data aware component...

I am using sql-server and delphi 5 enterprise.....

2 Solutions
>someone told me that if i use data-aware component then each of them makes a
>seperate connection with databas....

thats nonsens

if u use bde use a tdatabase
if u use ado use Tadoconnection

to connect to your database

meikl ;-)

princemaheshAuthor Commented:

Thanks meikl for ur comment

Could you tell me what is common way of displaying data in a object oriented application....

do we use ado components and data aware components....for data access or is there any other way.

I am just bit confused about how object oiented principles are implemented while coading...



- one application-wide TADOConnection component for connecting to your SQLServer (ConnectionString property, for instance)
- several dataset components (TADOQuery, TADOTable, TADODataSet, etc.) connected to the TADOConnection above (their Connection property
- several TDataSource components, each linked to one dataset component via its DataSet property
- several DataControl components like TDBGrid, each connected to one TDataSource component via its DataSource property (and DataField property for TDBEdit, etc. which display one field only).

Regards, Geo
Personally, I don't like to use data aware components.

Rather I use an ADOQuery to pull back the data I need and then manually populate say a TListView with the information you need.
I tend to work on the prinicipal, don't do anything unless the user causes an event. I also tend to do all my validating within my applications rather than database side

Geobul is correct though, 1 ADO Connection and several dataset components (usually a READ Query and a READ/WRITE query and maybe a GENERAL query)
mikelittlewood, me neither :-) I use TEdit, TComboBox, etc. for manipulating data but it requires lots of coding while for displaying purposes the above is just enough.

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