Putting a password login page in frontpage

hi all..

can someone teach me on how to write a login page using frontpage to validate against AD or SQL??
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Using the DRW.

01- Create a page which has a form.  
The form should have the following fields:

The form should post to ValidateLog.asp

02- Save the form as Login.asp

03- Create an Access database in which you put a table called users and have the following two fields at leat in it:

04- Save user info in the table

05- Create a new ASP page and save it as ValidateLog.asp

06- In ValidateLog.asp normal view select Insert>Database Results

07- In step 1/5 select the database that you created

08- In step 2/5 select the table that you created

09- In step 3/5 select the two fields UserName and Password by clicking edit button

10- In step 3/5 click more optiosn

11- In Criteria select UserName=UserName,  the select Password=Password
Note:  Change the message that says "no records returned" to whatever you like.

12- Go ahead to step 4/5 and select List - One field per item

13- In step 5/5 uncheck the optoin that says "Add Search form"

14- Finish

15- Save the ValidateLog.asp again

Now in the two yellow sections of the DRW you can Add the links that you want

When you run the form,  type password and user name and submit,  the page will send the username and password tot he drw and the drw will check the values against the data and display the links,  otherwise it will display the message "no records returned" , or the message you put.


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In the form don't forget to check the options "yes" next to password field

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ty man!
You are welcome airnike
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