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how do you import a workstaion
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I don't see why you'd want it in the workstations' HOSTS file in a multi-location installation.

From the ZFD documentation:

"Using DNS Names or HOSTS Files

In setting up Automatic Workstation Import, you should use DHCP for TCP/IP addresses so that DNS names can be found automatically, instead of setting up and maintaining a HOSTS file on every workstation.

Using DHCP and DNS names in your network provides you with automated management of workstation importing. You should coordinate with your DNS administrator to set up IP addresses for your workstation import services according to physical location in order to allow workstations to contact the import service locally, rather than across WAN links.

You can differentiate IP addresses according to domain or zone by using multiple domains or by using primary and secondary zones. For example, you could have a DNS entry for Automatic Workstation Import using the following syntax:


HOSTS files can be used to handle exceptions, such as when you want a specific client to resolve to a specific workstation import service. A HOSTS file is useful for manually importing a workstation, such as in a test environment."
You don't provide any details on operating system or ZEN version so here are some basics until you can get us more information to work with:

1) Install the ZEN Workstation Import service on your server
2) Create a workstation import policy package
3) Run the ZEN workstation app on the workstation

If all of these work correctly, you will see a message that says: Workstation <COMPUTERNAME> - <WKST INFO> Successfully imported.

For ZEN 3.2: http://www.novell.com/documentation/zdfs/index.html?page=/documentation/zdfs/zdfsdepl/data/a778wee.html
For ZEN 6.5: http://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks65/index.html?page=/documentation/zenworks65/dmadmin/data/a777r14.html

HOSTS file:

x.x.x.x   ZENWSImport

where x.x.x.x is the IP address of the server running the Workstation Import Service - which is loaded via ZfDStart.NCF on a NetWare box.  This is assuming, of course, you have the appropriate Workstation Import Service role configured on that server.

Once the HOSTS file is modified (C:\WINDOWS\HOSTS on Win9x and C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS on WinNT/2K/XP) - then simply reboot the box.

You also will need the Workstation Manager component of the Novell client installed.

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In a "normal" environment you'll want to put the ZENWSImport info in DNS, tho.

The workstation manager should be running on the client PC. That will schedule the workstation registration according to the zen policies you have defined.

The import process happens automatically in ZFD3.2 and up, you just have to configure the import policy, and register the workstations.  If the workstation doesn't want to register, then run WSREG32 to force it.
ZfD <4 or >4? If your ZfD out of the box, follow above information to ensure DNS is pointing to import server. Look at import policy for container and rights, if not adjusted, reboot x5 WS will be imported is services are running. If your not sure: zfdstart.

"In a "normal" environment you'll want to put the ZENWSImport info in DNS, tho."

Not if you have multiple locations...
so, instead of manually editing the HOSTS file on each workstation, the documentation says to manually edit the Windows registry on each workstation instead and tell it to use ZENWSImport.context.com instead of the default ZENWSImport...

I see no difference other than the HOSTS file taking less time ;)

The concept behind using DNS is to AVOID having to manually edit anything on the individual workstation.  That line about zenwsimport.context_string.com is with the assumption that your WAN DNS domain structure is based on context.

Say your WAN location is in OU=fred, O=usguys.  If you create the DNS subdomain of fred.usguys.com for that location and the fred ou has a dns server that hands out zenwsimport.fred.usguys.com, then you should be able to resolve zenwsimport to the zenwsimport.fred.usguys.com ip address from a workstation at that site.  However, since your site is at OU=dave, your site's DNS subdomain would be dave.usguys.com, and if you ping "zenwsimport" it will resolve to the IP address for zenwsimport.dave.usguys.com.

That is, provided you are handing out IP with DHCP, and are assigning the DNS suffix to the workstation accordingly, or are otherwise assigning the workstation's DNS suffix according to its WAN location.

I don't think they recommend playing with the registry any more.
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