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Buying memory

Posted on 2004-10-28
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Last Modified: 2013-11-10
I'm shopping for more RAM.  I noticed Dell, the maker of my computer, has prices for memory twice the rate than other websites that specialize in computer memory sales.  They say specifically that they sell memory for computer model (Dimension 8200).

Is it really possible that Dell sells at twice the market rate for the exact same memory or am I missing something here?  Also, can anyone recommend a reliable website to buy memory and say why?

Question by:jimmyr
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You can try kingston.com or crucial.com (might not be spelled correctlly), or you can dig through the first few pages here:


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not all ram is created equal- even though it has the same space, it takes longer to access the crap stored in it than others. last time i bought ram i asked an expert at a store and he said 8 milisecond ram is good but costs more. I don't know how much of a difference it makes, but i'm pretty sure there is one.

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I was quite surprised to see your complaint, as I had found Dell's prices (for my 8250) to be only slightly over the market rate. I checked their web site and, lo and behold, they're selling ECC RDRAM, with no non-ECC in sight. No wonder the price is double the competition!

I checked Crucial--our RDRAM is discontinued-- and Kingston-they never carried RDRAM--with no joy. Try a google of "Samsung mr16r1624DF0-CM8" and feel the joy. This will get you to purveyors of 128Mb Samsung RDRAM just like the ones already in your machine, and finding other sizes is easy from there.
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cheap but reliable and very popular ram probly what dell would sell you, they just scare you into thinking that there ram is the only one that wll work.

if you are a gamer and want top quailty ram then buy kingston or Gel (use google :)

good luck :)

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I found some homepages with cheap RAM:



P.S. I also found a homepage how RAm works

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In doing research for our Dell Poweredge Servers and Dimensions, here is what I found.  As one comment listed above, not all RAM is created equal.  That is certainly true.  What you get with Dell, when you buy theirs, is a one stop shop.  They don't make their own memory, they buy it from the other commercial entities.  If I have a problem with my Dell though and I purchased the memory from them, (At higher prices normally), they will troubleshoot and replace if necessary on whatever service agreement you have with that machine.  If you have non Dell memory, they could refuse to Troubleshoot until you remove it and you would need to replace it through the manufacturer.

If you buy some name brand memory, Kingston, Viking, Crucial, etc., most of them will have a lifetime warranty, use matched components and will guarantee compatability with the systems.  I have been putting Kingstion, Kingston Value and Viking into Dells for years and they have never failed, but have always been cheaper.  I have compared the specs and these names are identical to the specs on the Dells, sometimes being the same brand that came with the machine or that was purchased afterwards from Dell.


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The reason dell charges so much more is because it is tested in there systems, and re-tested, and re-tested.  It is the only "supported" ram you can put in there boxes.

I only say supported because if the RAM you buy doesn't play nicely, I highly doubt they will offer to help you.  However,if you buy there ram, you will get there help.


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There are definitely different tye of memory out there.  As long as you pick the right type and speed (PC133) compatible with you pc, you're fine.  Corsair is the brand name of my memory and it is made for performance.  There are cheaper brand names that aren't as fast but still get the job done.  It depends on what you are looking for.  Here are two sites I think have the best prices and wide range of Companies to choose from.



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Myself and my company has had good luck in dealing with http://www.mushkin.com. Memory seems to be of very good quality, and they are excellent to deal on the phone with or from a web order. Their prices seem to be very reasonable.

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