eMachines recovery CD's--can I swap OS's? XP Pro to a XP Home machine and visa versa?

I just bought a eMachines D2685/XPHome machine to replace my D2046/XPpro machine, which is going to the wife, and her T1100/XPhome is going to my son.

Can I use the eMachines D2046/XPpro recovery CD to put Pro on the eMachines D2685/XPhome machine, and the D2685/XPhome recovery CD to put XPhome on the D2046?  Looking to swap OS's, not to infringe on the single machine license.

If not, can I just swap the hard drives to get the same result?

If I can't swap OS's that way, my wife is a teacher--is my best bet to upgrade the D2685/XPhome machine with an XPpro academic upgrade?

Thanks!  Matt
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Hi there Matt
XP Pro upgrade CD for your D2685 is the way to go, you could too easily regret making other choices


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