Microsoft IntelliPoint 5.2

I just recently upgraded to microsoft intellpoint 5.2 from 4.12... using an Intellimouse Optical, but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to assign the spacebar button to any of my mouse keys...

Is it just something I'm not seeing? Or did they take out that option for some reason and I'd have to roll back to the older version?

The reason I want spacebar on my mouse is because iTunes uses the spacebar button as a shortcut to pause/play a song... and I've always had  that on my mouse as a one touch function before updating to the newer intellipoint..
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Better rollback to 4.12
All of the button-to-program assigmnet functionality has gone away in Intellipoint 5.0

Needless to say. I have no idea why they took on of my favorite options away.
kdog2k2Author Commented:
ah, in Intellipoint 5.2... there IS button programming... the only thing is that i just can't seem figure out how to map the spacebar to a button...
I hated losing that functionality and rolled back. Now I'll have to look at the newest later tonight.
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kdog2k2Author Commented:
Hi, I don't think my question was answered... unless the answer is "there is no way to map the space bar button to a mousekey in the version of intellimouse that I am using"? I haven't abandoned this question. Just been waiting for a response....
I will still see if I can help you later tonight.
I did download and install the 5.2 software but forgot about the spacebar question.
Much better than 5.0.
After working with this over the holiday.  There is no way to map the spacebar as it is not listed as a valid entry.  All the help files and MS website state is that if a non-valid key combination is selected, the displat reverts back to "none."

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