Summarize excluding suppressed values

I have a formula which adds two numbers (Call this field @Electronic). These numbers then have a (sum) summary created from them (@Electronic for a given day, selected by date). I have suppressed some values (duplicates), but the summary includes the suppressed values. Is there any way of asking the program to exclude suppressed values?

I have tried inserting the suppression formula into the ElectronicPayments formula (this formula compares the order number from this record, to the previous record and returns 0 if they are the same)

If (Previous({orderhea.ORDER_NUMBER}) = {orderhea.ORDER_NUMBER})
    Then 0
Else {paydetls.CREDIT_CARD}+{paydetls.EFTPOS}

But then I cant summarize the field anymore! (Error: This field cannot be summarized) ARGH!

I even tried a running total, with the formula and it didnt work.
Can you help?
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You can use the 3 formula method to create a manual total:

//Place this formula wherever you want to reset the summary variable (e.g. GroupHeader)
NumberVar Electronic := 0;

//Place this where your current formula is (likely a Details section)
NumberVar Electronic;
If (Previous({orderhea.ORDER_NUMBER}) <> {orderhea.ORDER_NUMBER}) then
    Electronic := Electronic + {paydetls.CREDIT_CARD}+{paydetls.EFTPOS};

//Place this wherever you want to display the summarized value
NumberVar Electronic;

Dave has you on target but I'd recommend one change.  Get rid of the formula you're currently using and replace Dave's @Increment formula with this one - this will both accumulate the total and display the result as the value or as zero (essentially combining Dave's formula w/ your original one).

NumberVar Electronic;
NumberVar Result :=0;
If (Previous({orderhea.ORDER_NUMBER}) <> {orderhea.ORDER_NUMBER}) then
    Result := {paydetls.CREDIT_CARD}+{paydetls.EFTPOS};
Electronic := Electronic + Result;



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Hey guys,

I've got a similar issue here:
I 've got a report where I'm printing a qty for example

Order           qty
100               1
103               2

I'm using a formula to suppress certain records - so that for instance in this case the reocrd for 101,102 are suppresed.
I would like to get the total qty without the suppressed records. In this case my toal would be three.
When I run running totals, sums - it will add the qty's of my suppressed records! What can I do?
holdsworthbrosAuthor Commented:
I would post it as a new question rather than a comment to mine. It may not get answered otherwise.

I couldnt believe that there wasnt some simple way to tell Crystal to exclude supressed values! But it seems quite complex.
OK Thanks!
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