Viewing images on a Mac

I want to burn some digital images on to a cd rom and view them on a this possible? If so, how?
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Choose data rather than music option when you burn the cd. Mac software will view most image formats but make sure its not something obscurely PC oriented. eps, jpg, tif are universal but pcx and bmp may not show in all mac software programs.
Hi sjlchgo,
Yeah, just burn them to the CD normally and then pop the cd into your mac and can view them in Finder. Very easy =)

You can always use Preview to view your images. I use it all the time, don't like iPhoto that much. I just drag a whole bunch of jpegs to the Preview icon, so I don't have to open them one by one.

Just make sure the image format is okay. Use jpeg, tif, psd, png. Some image programs on the PC might have their own image format. Don't use that, but they all can export to jpeg, png or tiff.
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