Connecting computer with two LAN's

I want to develop environment like

There are two LAN's,

one is my local which has no internet facility, we run a programm on it and working whole day.

second LAN give internet facility.

For this i try by installing two lan cards but not successed , when i disabl one card then it is ok.

Now i want to connect one computer on two LAN at a time.
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you should only have 1 default gateway otherwise it gets confused.
Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
Ok I dont think you explained yourself correctly.
So you have two computers and you want to make them on a network correct.
Then you want to share internet , correct..
The old way was to use two networks nowa days you shoudl use a router/hub..
If you have broadband installed then you are more likely to need a broadband, but if you are on dial up then a normal router/hub will be suffice..
it's not usually that hard to get two network cards working. is better to use 2 different models so you know which is which.
when both are loaded drivers working assign each ip address. these should be very different addresses with different subnets otherwise it'll get confused. at work i have and
 best to do this one card at a time so you can verify each works.  ping an address on each network to verify
I believe you should only have 1 default gateway and that should be on the 'internet ' network.
each card should point at the dns servers for that network.
pak_slmAuthor Commented:

ip, subnets, gateway and dns server are different and ping to each network is ok.

but not work at a time.
pak_slmAuthor Commented:
Leave the internet option.
Consider two different applications run on different networks.
I want to run these applications on one computer at a time.
Please give the possible solution.
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