NAL distribution: Unable to process registry setting [W] (D016)

Novell Netware server version: 5.1
Novell client version: SP1

Have created a NAL distribution package for Adobe Illustrator CS. The distribution was created on a Windows XP Pro pc, and it is to be distributed to the same type of Windows XP  Pro pc's.

I start the distribution, it distributes alle the application files, and starts with the registry settings. But then I get the error message: Unable to process registry setting [W] (D016)

After some fast researching myself I found out that when you get this error message, it is one of the registry keys that is the problem (doh!) But exactly what registry key ? Any easy way to find out ?
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Thanks for including the NetWare and Novell Client versions. THis is a ZENworks question, since NAL is a part of ZENworks, so an important bit of information is the VERSION of ZENworks. What is it?

The NAL Error Code listing ( defines this error as:

Could not configure workstation for application [application name] (id=number).
Problem: Unable to process registry setting [specified setting]. (D016)

Possible Causes:
Invalid Key name
Unable to Create/Modify/Delete registry setting

Novell TID #10024690 ( suggests that this is usually a permissions problem - the account in which you have logged into on Windoze does not have the necessary permissions to edit that key or hive.

To get more specific, we really need to know the VERSION of NAL. Older NAL versions did have a bug associated with this error.
You can elevate the permission level on the NAL object so that it runs under WinNT/2K/XP with Administrative rights (System Impersonation - System):

Properties of the Application object
Run Options tab

Windows NT/2000/XP section
Executible security level:
   Run as secure system user

My guess is you didn't clean up the registry settings in your NAL app and left machine-specific or user-specific stuff in there from the snappshot.

Walk through the registry settings in the app and remove anything that is in current-user and anything that relates only to the specific machine the snappshot was done on.
Sounds like an ENUM issue. Try deleting ENUM keys in your app and see what happens. Build machine might be SNapping hardware junk. Look at MSI editing for future.

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