Remotely using home phone service to call long distance

I know this is a wierd question, but this seems to be the best place to start.

I have a great phone plan at home that allows me to dial all over the US and Canada for a flat fee. I travel a lot and would occasionally like to make calls to Canada from my cell phone, but that would cost me $5/month plus 0.05 per minute to get Canada phone service for my cell.

What I would like to do is figure out a way to use my cell to call home, and then route the call to Canada. There must be a way to do this with all the software out there and all the VoIP stuff.

If anyone has any ideas of how to do this, I would really appreciate it!!

On a related note, is there any VoIP software/systems that would work through a PDA device (preferably a Palm OS device)?


Rob "I"
iistechIT ArchitectAsked:
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Hi iistech,

You could use a Sipura FXS-3000 to achieve this -

This is an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) that you can connect to your home phone line.

Find yourself a helpful SIP (VoIP) provider service (a list at that will provide you with a US telephone number.  I'm not in the US, so can't recommend anyone in particular.

Configure the SPA-3000 to connect to the SIP provider and route calls that come in from the SIP provider out to you the PSTN port connected to your phone line.
You will want to configure some sort of security on this, such as a PIN access code.

To use it:
Dial the phone number allocated to your VoIP account from your cell phone
... this will connect you to your SPA-3000
Enter your PIN
... this will connect you to your home phone line
Dial a number as if you are at home

Note: You will need a good-quality broadband Internet connection at home.  Go to to test this.

Does this sound like what you were looking for?
If it is, I'll dig out some details on configuring the SPA-3000 for you.

You can get a softphone for Palm - take a look at for a list of softphones.

Does that help?


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iistechIT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
That sounds like what I needed. I'll have to read through the docs.

Thanks for the quick response!!

-- Rob --
The configuration utility at should get you started.

Make sure you understand what it's doing though, as you don't want to set it up to allow anyone on the Internet to use your phone line :-)
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iistechIT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
With 14,535 points (plus 250!!), you must sit in here all day long.

I'll post again when I eventually get this equipment and get it set up and let you know how it's working.

Thanks again.

-- Rob --
iistechIT ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Oh, I do have a related question:

It looks your suggestion requires the use of a VoIP service, which would add most monthly cost. I'm already paying for two phone lines, and I don't want to pay even more per month. That's why I'm trying to use my home line to dial to Canada with my cell, so I don't have to pay extra on cell service.

Can I use one of my home lines - my FAX line - to dial out on the other line?

I would assume that if I had one of those switch boxes for the FAX line, it could re-route the voice call to that SPA-3000.

I guess what I would like would be PSTN to PSTN origination and termination.
> With 14,535 points (plus 250!!), you must sit in here all day long.

Not quite :-)  I tend to spend a bit of time at the weekends and some evenings though.

Most VOIP services won't charge you for PSTN -> VoIP services.  Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the providers in the US, so I can't advise on who to use.  In the UK I use GossipTel -

I didn't realise you had two home lines.  There's no reason why you couldn't connect two SPA-3000s "back-to-back" in order to achieve this.  The tricky bit would be sorting out the dialplan.
I've not encountered any small devices that have two FXO ports (an FXO port is what you need to plug into a telco line).
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