DOS networked program no longer works after upgrading from W98 to XP Pro.

I recently installed a wireless network in a small office with 3 computers, 2 running W98 and upgraded the 3rd to XP Pro. Everything is working fine (printers etc.) except for the most important program which is installed on the XP machine-an old DOS financial program which was previously accessible by the other 2 computers. The 2 W98 computers have a standalone version on their computers but at somepoint in the brokerage transaction they must access the main program on the XP machine. Previously when it was on an old W98 machine it worked fine. That one was replaced with the XP machine and the financial DOS program was installed by copying the whole folder over and changing the attributes as directed by the programmer. The program was accessed by mapping the drive on the W98 computers. Now when the program is accessed the XP computer locks up. I am only going on what the owner has told me about this program - that it works just fine on an XP computer but there is obviously something missing. The Zone Alarm Pro firewall is configured correctly to allow access. I need help to correct this problem please. The office cannot function without it working correctly.
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Ah right.  As I said XP can be funny about running Dos programs.

It needs to be configured to run in seperate memory space, this reduces the chance of the Whole machine hanging when it crashes.  You also will want to enable compatibility and test it that way.

If you right click on the shortcut to the Dos app.  Under the shortcut tab, select advanced and make sure seperate memory is ticked.  The select the compatibillity tab.  Enable compatibility and select 95 or 98.

If this still doesn't work, and the machine hangs when you run it, I would have the programmer show you a machine that it IS working on, and check the settings for it.

Some Dos apps don't run.

Does this XP machine have SP 2 on it?
So this machine only hangs when one of the other machines access the data, or when it actually runs the program?  DOS programs can be funny under DOS, but if the 98 machines are only accessing data, that shouldn't make much differance.

Although if the DOS program needs to be running on the XP machine to be accessed, is it set to run in seperate memory?  What about compatibility settings.

As a test, share a generic folder and stick a document in it.  Try and open the document from one of the 98 machines.  It may have nothing to do with the DOS application, but the networking or XP itself.  If the machine hangs when opening a normal document in a different share, then the problem lies with network sharing on that machine.

angief_50Author Commented:
The machine does not hang when data is accessed, only when it runs the program. The program is not set up to run in separate memory. The programmer told me I just had to copy the whole folder which contains the executable file, change the attributes of each file and specifically one file has different attributes than the rest and all would work. That is not the case. The security policies are set to guest account as all 3 office workers are trusted with all information on any of the computers so no special permissions are set on the folder containing the program. The whole C drive has been set to share all files and folders at the owners request so of course the firewall is the only thing protecting the drive from unauthorized Internet access. I am sure it must be some setting in XP which I have not done correctly or missed as I am fairly new at networking and XP Pro. All of the folders can be accessed for data from any of the machines without a problem.
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