Auto assigning gateway

What i'm trying to do is the restrict user from typing in the gateway ip and access the internet.

i can set the router to restrict all access except the server but that means i'll be blocking those workstation that are surppose to go online too.

So users have to connect to the domain in order to surf.

is what i'm asking for possible?
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So these users must be local admins? - There are policies that you can set in group policy that will restrict local admins access to components of lan connections etc - so this may do what you want -

In group policy take a look at:

User Configuration ->Administrative Templates ->Network-> Network and Dial-Up connections - "Prohibit access to properties of components to a lan connection"

There are others listed that may be of use. The easiest thing to do of course would be to not have them as local admins but that's not always possible. Let me know if you need further explanation or help,

Deb :))
Make some restrictions to the local user :
Julian HansenCommented:
Are you running a proxy server? If not then you could consider using that as well. You give the proxy access through your router and no other workstations. All workstations must then connect through the proxy to access the Internet - manually changing gateway's won't help anyone circumvent this.

My advice would be restrict access through your router and configure a proxy server.
Julian HansenCommented:
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