NTFS...... How reliable is it?

I have multiple drives and without stopping window unexpectedly or doing anything other than normal turn on and shut down procedures I have been loosing files or having files be rendered useless. In many cases the system will discover a drive "bad" and perform a scan and repair on it at boot up time. Why is this happening. I ran Norton Anti Virus to check if any virii existed on them. Nothing was found. One unusual item was; most times if I went into a folder to view files then I stepped back out of the folder and then attempted to delete it I would not be able to as the system said the folder was in use by another progrm. I could delete that folder or any other folder if I never jumped into it or if I just booted my system. I am at a loss as to what the problem is and what to do over this. My drives I am talking about are my Maxtor 200GB drive and Hitachi 120GB drive on my pentium system. Motherboard is P4P800. Any suggestions?
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Perhaps there is something in that thread that relates to your problem. It seems (to me at least) NTFS is not the ultimate solution or it  may just be  that the good features come at a cost.

the problem is your windows by default doesn't support a drive bigger than  120 GB.   It will physically show 200 Gig bug once you cross the 200 GB limit the drive will corrupt and error out.

There is a simple registry fix that will stop this from happening.

open regedit
go to

add the following registry value

I had the same problem with my 200GB western Digitals  and this fix my problems


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