Delphi Forums?

I used to program in VB, and there are alot of very important Forums around the web for this thing such as
now I started Delphi, I havent found any good fourm except this one! I mean why dont ppl care for delphi alot?
I found some forums where they have like 3 new questions each day, but in VB more than 15 questions each day!
more than 35 members online at the same time!
isnt there anything like this for delphi?
plus, this forum is great, but I was shocked when I didnt find any other one!
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paulb1989Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are the following ones that I know of, but the second isnt very active from what I can tell...
Maybe can also be interesting to you. There you'll find some info for new programmers, and also a forum.

Kind regards,
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ChessoCommented: is def a very good forum for delphi almost of the the help ive had with delphi is from there. is also a good site for some basics of delphi and references to functions and such.
Sorry about double posting but if you ever need any help with delphi free feel to email me ( or on msgr ( it's always good to chat to other delphi users most of my contacts are vb'ers
I think the best forum is this one

plus the tutorials for beginners are excelent, and there are TONS of articles about many programming areas in Delphi very well organized
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