Shut down Timer &/or bell

Is there a utility that exists that you can automatically shutdown your system after a program finishes or after let say 30 minutes so one can do something and walk away knowing his system will shut down after a set operation or time? Does a program exist also that can beep the user when something is done. I have WIN xp on a P4P800 MB.
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why not use     --     shutdown -a       --- wherin a is the number of seconds you want it to wait .
run it in a dos box shutdown /? gives all the options
Dos box :
>start>run >cmd
Why do you want to shut the machine down?

If you are in a domain environment, just kick off you app and then lock the workstation or set up fast user switching and switch users.  This way your processes will run and people will not be able to get on to your session
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PawloAAuthor Commented:
I run for example Norton Antivirus Scan which can take several hours. Let's say I know it will run for two hours after I go to work then I would like the system to just  shut down after that. I don't like leaving the system running so i want to just shut it down.
is a batch file the solution here, with shutdown as last line?
PawloAAuthor Commented:
A batch file may be the answer but how is it written and what commands?
maybe it is not quite what you want, but this is how you make a bat file :
in explorer or notepad, (or on your desktop) create a new file, and put in it : for opening notepad :
shutdown -5
save it as test_it.bat you give the name you want, with a bat extension
when you run it, it will set the timer to 5 sec, open notepad, and shut down

More elaborate software  :

or Tray commander :

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