problem with combobox component on (change), flash mx pro


I've 3 swf's which i want to link with a combo box in each page. I then put the values and the data of the three swf's. Once I test the animation it goes ok but when the new swf is loaded, then the component Combobox is bloked.
Here's the code I put in the component :

on (change) {

Does anyone knows why ??? Thanks in advance
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By saying "To drag an Instance" means like say...

1. The movie which doesnt contain the combo is say MC1.swf
2. and the movie which contains the combo is MC2.swf
3. now you are Loding MC2.swf from MC1.swf
4. what I am saying is jsut drag and drop a instance of the combobox from Components panel to the stage of the MC1
5. now delete the component from the stage of MC1 and test.

*** I had the same problem and this method worked and in your situation too, this should work. But I cant explain it
drag an instance of the combo box component to root timelien and delete it..that will fix the problem
yotsseAuthor Commented:
What do you mean by dragging an instance. Because my combo box is still bloked !?
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i had the same problem
weren't able to really resolve this. ended up reshuffling all my levels until i managed to find a combination of layers that did what i wanted it to.


yotsseAuthor Commented:
Can you see another solution ???
I don't know whether this helps at all, but I found this link:

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