Adding a Tag to each row in a flexgrid is this possible.

I m filling a grid but now for each row i need to add more information than the actual text.

Does the msFlexGrid provide a tag for each row? I could not find it?

Can somebody provide a small example if it is possible?

thanks a lot

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J-MikConnect With a Mentor Commented:

PePi's answer is the best way, but alternatively, you could also declare a simple array to store your extra data in.

Dim RowTags() As String
ReDim RowTags(0 To FlexGrid1.Rows - 1) As String

And then simply RowTags(FlexGrid1.Row) = "Whatever"
if you are talking about adding more information in the grid that you don't want displayed, you can easily set the column width to 0 so that it won't be showed with the other data on the grid.

i usually use this technique when working with flexgrids. when i populate a flexgrid based on a recordset, i usually put the ID in col 0 and set its width to 0. so, when i access the row, i know the corresponding ID of the record.

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