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i tried to network my laptop and my home computer together, and i keep getting the error message saying that you dont have permission to access the network recourse or something like that.

i am using just a crossover cable
my home computer is called RICHARD (XP Home Edition)
my laptop is called LAPTOP (XP Pro Edition)

For the crossover cable to be able to connect to my home computer i used a USB to ethernet adapter.

Can anybody help me

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Check to see if you can ping the laptop from the desktop machine and vice versa (go to command prompt > type "ping" without the quotes where is the IP address of the machine you are trying to ping.

If that works, as edruk says, make sure you have a share set up (although Windows XP makes a standard shared folder on every computer by default) and ensure that you have a user account set up on each machine (set one up as a test through Control Panel > Users if necessary).

If ping doesn't work, there is no working connection between the two machines.  Crossover cables can be like this with Windows XP, I have had trouble with direct connections before.  Make sure there is no firewall stopping you from accessing a network - if you are running one (and you should!) then you should make sure it is properly configured.  Turn it off as a test to see if that solves the issue but don't leave it off permanently!

Also make sure you can ping yourself on each machine (ping the local IP address of your machine).  If that doesn't work, your network card on one machine or the other is not working properly, probably not installed properly or you need to check to make sure you have the right drivers.

Are both machines on the same workgroup, and do both machines use a very similar IP address (last digit is all that should be different)?

Hope that helps

I think you need to create a share on the computers.

r click folder you want to share, select sharing and security give it a name

then try and access the computers over the network
GarrettyAuthor Commented:
i cant ping from either of the machines
GarrettyAuthor Commented:
Thank You Both Anyway
If you can't ping then it's likely either one of the cards is not working properly or isn't installed/configured properly, you haven't configured suitable IP addresses for the machines or the cable is faulty.

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