COLOURING of ROW in ALV tree (oops concept)

Hi All,
I have created an alv tree report and i need to colour the entire row of the tree. I am able to colour the entire row but the colour is getting refelected only on the fonts not on the background.I have used the add_node method and passed the colour code to the is_node_layout parameter of it.The strange thing is when is when i use the colour code greater than 5 the the entire row is getting coloured including the background but if i use the colour code less than 5 then only the fonts are getting coloured.
Plz let me know what iam missing .Its quite urgent
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For example:
The function for displaying and hiding the entire tree area appear in the far left of the application toolbar. Pushbuttons that contain functions for a tree (such as expand all) usually appear on the left in the application toolbar. All the other functions appear adjacently to the right. An exception to this rule is the ALV tree, since it has its own toolbar for the functions within the tree.

The pushbutton for displaying/hiding the entire tree remains on the left in the application toolbar, since this function would otherwise disappear when the area is hidden. This button should not contain any icons, but instead the labels "<Show area>" and "<Hide area>" (short: "<Area> on" and "<Area> off"). The text must then be changed dynamically so that it always describes the current function of the pushbutton.

If the tree cannot be re-sized with a docking control or "splitter", you can add additional pushbuttons to successively increase or decrease the size of the area. In this case, the area containing the tree is increased or decreased in size by a fixed amount each time one of the buttons is pressed. These buttons always appear in the application toolbar, right next to the functions for displaying and hiding the area.

For more info look at here...

i hope it may help you for some extent...

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