Protecting or Encrypting written source code in C, C++, bash and csh

Ive written several programs in c, c++, bash and csh (although last 2 are shell languages) ...
That need protection ...
Looking for program or programs (with GUI interfaces preferably) on which I can code in C, C++ (and bash,csh)...
compile and execute my codes ... and once Ive closed the program-interface ... no-one can access my source
codes without the appropriate encryption password... Presently running linux RedHat 9.0 ...
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MogalManicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why don't you set up a CVS repository that is password protected.  Only users belonging to your group would have access to the source code.
georg74Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I understand you want to encrypt your source code so no one,
not the admin nor hacker, gets to your code.

you can do it by zipping and encrypting the whole directory:
    zip -r -e source source   # creates
and then deleting it
    rm -rf source  # removes directory source
later unzipping it
    unzip -u source source  # unpack, don't overwrite newer files

consider backing up and donÄt forget the password! :-)

you can do that with gpg (The GNU Privacy Guard,,
or some other encrypting tool.

for more convenient access, you'd have to set up an encrypted volume
look for CFS and others in

don't let them see your data! ;-)
who thinks a certain level of paranoia is a part of the job :-)
PS: if you think the admin and the hacker are one person,
then you'll also need to wipe the data before deleting. :-)
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