Span Remote Desktop Connection over multiple monitors?


We have dual monitor at all of our local workstations, these are needed for certain custom applications that we run.
At all of our remote offices (connected with a PPP T1), we have them only use a single monitor as the remote desktop connection will not span over multiple monitors.

Do you know of a way to allow this?

During my research, the only way that I have found that works is to install linux and use rdesktop. An alternative, but there are bugs still with that which would not go over well in a production enviroment.

Also, citrix supports this, but that is quite a bit more then fits in the budget at this point.

Any ideas? Third party software? Anything??
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To span on multiple monitors you can either do the follow.
     A.  Have 2 monitors at the same workstation
     B.  Have Linux with rdesktop

Other than that, that's it.  Because it's either a hardware device that will allow this, or a completely new OS, which both you have tried.

UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
Im not sure I follow?

A. Have 2 monitors at the same workstation?
       - I do have 2 monitors at the workstations currently that span the desktop over both, I want to open a remote desktop session and continue to span across both monitors while in this single session.

Linux with rdesktop is still really buggy, and after I posted this, I was able to find 2 more pay RDP clients for linux that I may try out. But what I dont get is, how come linux can use the ntive windows RDP protocol to span multiple desktops while in a remote desktop session, but the windows clients cant?

What do you mean when you say "Because it's either a hardware device that will allow this"?


This is not possible using the Windows RDP client.

I worked around it by allowing each user to have 2 simultaneous logins to a terminal server.  Then, have each user connect twice, and put one session on each monitor.  Its crude, but it works depending on what kind of user they are.
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UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
Thanks fendermb4

Thats what I am wondering, I figured that it wasnt possible, but does anyone know if there is 3rd party software that allows it?

Or any other solution?

I will be trying out rdesktop on Fedora Core 2 with an ATI video card on monday to see if it increases performance.
Thats the same thing I said, that was my mistake I wasn't clear about it.  No 3rd party, it's other a hardware video card with dual outputs or doing it with 2 terminal services.
You don't need 3rd party software, you can just open two sessions at once.  Like, open a session, log in, then click the same icon again, connect to the same computer, and log in again.  Then, drag one window over to the other screen.
UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
Lets revisit this since I am now exploring other alternatives.

Thank you for your replies so far, but multiple sessions will not meet our needs here.

We need one application to be able to span over multiple screens at one workstation. Lets assume, we have all the hardware needed to accomplish this.

We have windows terminal service running on a server and the users currently use windows native "remote desktop connection" to connect to the server. (which does not support spannng applications over multiple screens)

We have tried the following:
Linux (rdesktop) - To flakey when draggin applications between monitors
Tarantella - Application publishing software, (kinda like nfuse) it still has a limitation for size that the monitor can be
Video Card Settings - Made the monitors virtually one stretched out monitor (with all applications tested)

I know there has to be something out there, anyone??
UnifiedITAuthor Commented:
I have solved this question.

Tarantella has a Enterprise Edition Software that loads on a linux box. This acts as a gateway/ application management piece that will allow me to publish applications from other servers via http and https

When I publish a remote desktop session, I can set the size of the window that will be open (for example I can make it 800 x 600, or 1600 x 600) if both monitors are set at 800 x 600 resolution the image will span across both. If you are using an nvidia card for example, you could set both montiors to "appear" as one and the remote desktop session will work a little bit better (as far as sizing it etc..)

Mods, please close this question.

Thank you.
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