Adding a disclaimer or Confidentiality Statement to all outgoing emails.

Hey guys my VP Of Strategic Planning called yesterday and wants me to find out how i can tag all outgoing emails from our entire organization with a disclaimer or Confidentiality statement so to speak. This is an example of what they want

This e-mail is intended only for the addressee named above.
It contains information that is privileged, confidential
or otherwise protected from use and disclosure. If you are
not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that
any review, disclosure, copying, or dissemination of this
transmission, or taking of any action in reliance on its
contents, or other use is strictly prohibited.
If you have received this transmission in error, please
reply to the sender listed above immediately and
permanently delete this message from your inbox.
Thank you for your cooperation.*********

Since we are a hospital the new HIPPA regulations may come to the point where we need one. but they want to be ahead of the game so i figured i would find out how i can force this for every outgoing mail from here. Where in Exchange would i set this up?

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You may have to restart the SMTP service to get it to take. I cannot remember and don't have a GFI system to hand in this location.

Easiest way is to use GFI Mail Essentials. ( Install the trial version and you get this feature. When the trial expires most of the features disable, but a couple remain. Disclaimer message is one of them.
You never know though, you might like Mail Essentials and can get the full version.

jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
I actually have the full version of GFI Mail Essentials
Just never actually saw that feature in there.
Ill try to look around to see if i can find it
jjeffordsAuthor Commented:
OK i got it and i also created the ones i needed.
Now my question is this.
How long does it take to start applying the Disclaimer.
I have everything set up right per there help menu but i am still not getting the disclaimer attached.
Of course it has only been like 2 mins.
Just curious if it is Immediate or short there after
Thanks again
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