Dreamweaver Error when copy&paste html

Can you help Please?

I am using DreamweaverMX 2004
Whenever I try to copy from a word document and paste into my html code in Dreamweaver I get the follwing message.

While executing DMwShortcuts_HTMLSource_Paste command in menus.xml, the following JavaScript error(s)
TypeError: MM.event has no properties
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MBarber1957Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This is a common problem between Word and Dreamweaver. Word's interpretation of HTML is very different from Dreamweaver's. Dreamweaver expects to understand the HTML code it finds on the Clipboard when you do a paste. But Word's version of HTML is not the same. Try opening Dreamweaver, selecting Edit->Preferences->New Document and checking the item 'Make Document XHTML Compliant'.
EveraldssAuthor Commented:
Thanks it worked
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