ISA Server 2000 Routing certain http requests to a different gateway.

My company uses Oracle applications that is hosted outside the organization. Oracle requires a VPN connection to access the apps. The apps are browser based.  The VPN connection exisits at our corporate office, we connect to them via a WAN on a Point to Point T-1. We also have our own inhouse T-1 for internet access so we do not use up bandwith on the WAN. We use ISA server as our Internet gateway.
Here is my problem,
In order for http requests to the Oracle application to work, we could not use the ISA client software, we had to switch to secure NAT.
Then we had to assign a route to the client computers via a logon script directing all Oracle requests through the P2P router. Everything else goes through the default gateway (ISA). This has worked fine but now I have an issue with Internet abuse. I need to enable content rules on the ISA server by "Users" or "Security Groups". My users are in a mixed environment of thin clients connecting to a Terminal Server and desktop computers. I do not want to restrict activity via the IP address of the client computer. This will cause problems with my Terminal clients. I have managers who use the terminal and need full internet access, but I have others who just need access to our Oracle applications. My delima is, I know I have to use the ISA client to gain this type of control. But I can not use Proxy because it will not route the oracle requests to the proper router on the lan. Is there a way to use the ISA client and tell ISA that all http requests to Oracle applicaitons get routed to the P2P router? I tried telling IE not to use the proxy for local intranet address and I put the addresses in the selection box but it still does not work.
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TannerManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this, if I udnerstand correctly.
In your ISA you need the IP addresses added into the LAT table that constitute your P2P routed network.
For example....if your oracle traffic is to NEVER leave  ISA, but rather be directed to the P2P network of 192.168.1.x/24, then you need to add a lat entry  in ISA console for TO
This will tell ISA to NOT send any traffic for that IP range out of it's internet connection.

Next...does ISA know how to find the P2P network? From ISA, can you ping or tracert to the P2P network? If so, good. If not, then you need to add a static route to ISA's route table stating anytihgn going to 192.168.1.x needs to be routed TO x.x.x.x (IP of the network side of your P2P network.

Now set your proxy settings on your client to hit ISA. Traffic for the internet will be routed to internet. Traffic for P2P IP addresses will be sent there. Your thinking that this didn't work before when I tried it? Well, it didn't because ISA had no way of knowing that the IP addresses of the p2p network were INTERNAL and routed everything to the web that is NOT in it's LAT table. Give it a shot.

I am somewhat confused why your needing clients set to Secure NAt (DG of ISA IP) to get an internal vpn connection to be negotiated to the P2P network. No need to explain, I am just thinking outloud.

Try the above and let us know.
bryandillonAuthor Commented:
This thought did come to me over the weekend and I added the address to to LAT and it still did not work. But once I added the static route to the ISA (per your suggestion) with the combination of the LAT it worked great!  Now I get to have fun trying to setup content rules. Thanks!
And thanks for the points
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