SMC to Linksys SRW224 switch replacement & Cisco Pix 501

I am remotely administering a location in Cincinnati.  I am in Dallas.  The location has 16 users connected through a Windows 2000 network on XP Professional.  We had purchased a Linksys SRW224 24 port switch to replace the SMC 16 port switch currently in place.  Last night, I had one of the guys there replace but the users could not access any network devices until the PIX 501 was power cycled.  I don't know if this truly did anything or not.  This morning when I got in I received a call from Cincinnati stating that the users were not able to access any network devices again.  I was unable to connect via VPN but was able to remote into the switch's web interface.  I could see nothing really going on out of the ordinary.  The users are able to access the Internet as well as send & receive email but could not access network drives or print.  Any ideas?  Now that I type this out it occured to me that my NIC on the server might need to be adjusted or the port on the switch might need tweaking????
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Sounds like you could have a duplex mismatch on the port to the server. Make sure the server's NIC is set to "auto" for speed/duplex settings, then try rebooting the server.. Where is your DHCP service? On the server, or on the PIX? Did the switch obtain an IP address from the dhcp pool? Could this IP address be conflicting with the server?

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mentisgroupAuthor Commented:
I just checked the NIC.  It was previously set to 100 half-duplex.  I changed it to 100 full.  The DHCP is being distributed by the 2000 server.  The switch has a static IP but out of the IP range.  I had the guy up there reconnect the SMC switch & they are ok for now.  He will try again later this afternoon.  I will also change to "auto".  One thing I forgot to mention - before switching out to the original SMC switch, I had a user release his IP but wasn't able to renew it until that SMC was put back in.
>I changed it to 100 full.
The problem with setting it specifically is that this disables the autonegotiation with the switch. If the switch (unmanaged?) can't also be set manually to 100 full, then the duplex negotiation may fail and the switch may default to half-duplex, resulting in a duplex mismatch. If the switch is unmanaged, then "auto" is the only choice for the server NIC.
mentisgroupAuthor Commented:
The switch is managed.   I will set that port to the same as the server's.  Thanks for your help.  
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