Using A Batch File to Append The Date to a Filename

I am using Windows 2000 and need to create a batch file to append the date to a filename. The filename is "order.txt" so for example I need to make it "order20041029.txt" - the date format being YYYYMMDD.

Through another example on Experts Exchnage I manage to do the following:

ren d:\orders\order.txt order%date:~7,2%%date:~4,2%.csv

This however gives the result "order1029.txt". Can you a) let me know what I need to do to amend my line of code and b) explain what it means? I would like the answer urgently if possible.

Many thanks
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at a command prompt type:

echo %date%

Then access portions of this resulting string in your batch file like this:

%date:~10,4%  (this yields '2004' for me)

This grabs the substring starting at position 10 and grabs four characters
(first character is zero)

This is how I would do it here, but your %DATE% variable might be ordered differently if not in USA:

ren d:\orders\order.txt order%date:~10,4%%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%.csv


rabelleAuthor Commented:

Many thanks for that - I've amended the order of the %dates%'s and it works fine. Can you explain what the different numbers mean though?

Basically, if you have this:

set variable=1234567890

and then you had: echo %variable:~0,2%
that would 'echo' (output):  12

That basically processes everything from 0 to 2.

Equally, if you put:
echo %variable:~3,5%

that would 'echo' (output): 45678

So, the first number means how many to SKIP (from left to right) and then the second number is how many characters (or integers in this case) to process from there on..

Does that make sense? :o)

Best of luck,

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And then you have more options, such as:

set variable=1234567890

set var=%variable:2=7%

that would replace '2' with '7', so if you then put:

echo %var%

you'd get:


That's basically all there is to it ;-)

By the way; I'm just informing you of this, I'm not trying to nick the points.. so, all the points to go to biran ;-)

Sorry! I mean Brian :)
rabelleAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you for that - apprecaited :o)

Oh. 8-) Thanks.
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