Windows XP Pro, File Share Problems


One computer on my network can see some of the files on a network share but can't see them all. All other computers on the network can see the missing files just fine, access them, change them, etc.....just fine. The files have no weird permmisons at all. This problem is really confusing my co-worker and myself. Thanks for help in advance.
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What kind of permissions are set on the files?  Is this a server based share, or peer to peer type?
PizentiosAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick reply.

The file permissions are wide open. write and read access to all.

And yes it's a server base file share. It's on a IBM Netfinity.
No problem, always glad to try and help.
What happens if you log on to the machine that can't see all the files?  And also what happens when the user with the problem logs onto another machine?

If he logs onto another machine and has the same problem then there is definately a right problem someone.  Possibly someone has set the rights on the file to deny for him?

Test him on another machine if possible to eliminate or confirm rights as  a problem.  If you can log onto his machine and see all the files, then the machine is fine, and it may be rights, subject to the other test.

most of the time these kinds of problems are down to rights.  

Remember that file access can also be specified on a file by file basis.  That's why it is best to either confirm or eliminate rights as a problem.

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PizentiosAuthor Commented:
fixed it, it had somthing to do with the way that she was connecting to the network drive. Thanks for your help though.
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