Migrate 800 users from 2000 to XP

looking to migrate from 2000 pro to Xp pro for 800 users.
Each machine has about 5-6 gig worth of data.

looking to rollout 15 -20 machines a day.

Standard apps on each machine... blacke ice, office, pc anywhere,etc  

Would like to back data up and the reimage machine...
what kind of approach would you use to rollout XP.

PS... If anyone who lives in MASS and has experience give a shout out.  
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I'd use your enterprise backup system and backup the data from machines, then setup an image and then simply restore the image to each machine.  You could also look into a RIS server for deploying it.
Migrate from 2000 to XP?  Why?  2000 is by far the most stable OS that microsoft ever created.

Just my 2 cents.

for migrating data you can use USMT Tools from Microsoft... it now supports migration of multiple user profiles, with all the custom settings...

Then rollout the XP using your Imaging software,

Make sure your XP image is SysPrep Enabled...

After XP, Install all the required softwares,

Then run USMT to restore your data & application settings...

Hey cogit, just watch out if XP SP2 in installed on the new machines - the SP2 firewall it will probably conflict with the Black Ice firewall.
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