Semi Transparent RGB Water Texture


I need to create a RGB Water Texture (Preferably in Photoshop) that is semi transparent. It is for a 3d Model using REALAX. Im doing a pool building and hence want to see the tiles of the pool bottom beneath the waters surface. Ive created other Transparent textures but everything seems to be either solid or transparent, not semi.
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I don't work with photoshop, and I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler.

However, have you looked for Opacity?  As a windows programmer many forms can have their opacity set from 100% (solid) to 0% (invisible).

It's a stretch, but see what you can find.  This is a common function that you can find in all microsoft design products (Word, Excel, VS.Net, etc)

here's a link that might help:

search for "opacity"
woodendudeCommented:     I suggest maybe posting your question here.
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change the layer opacity in photoshop
and dont forget to save the output the file to a format that supports transparency

which is definitely: PNG

and nothing else

well... GIF supports transparency, but chances are you don't want to have a high quality picture in gif format.  :-P
gif supports only 100% transparency
u cant have 50% opacity in GIf

only png as i said before
Actually, both TGA and IFF file formats have had full alpha channel support long before the PNG format was devised, and both enjoy wide support in 3D rendering software.

I'd like to point out though that this user has also asked the same question in the Photoshop area for 500 points, which I believe is a no-no.
SnarflesAuthor Commented:

Both TGA and TIF dont load into REALAX at all. PNG loads but only showed with no transparency.

I changed the opacity and saved it as PNG which didnt work.

And sorry if I shouldnt post the same message twice, woodendude suggested it and I thought it might help it get answered faster. Should I delete it there or something?
Sorry, I miss led you. I didn't mean to post it in two different areas, my bad I should have suggested contacting community support and having the question moved to the other TA.
make sure that ur PNG is really transparent (re-open it in photoshop)

if yes it is, then probably the problem is with ur software (Realax)
try to browse the options there or search its help for 'transparent" or "opacity"
>>gif supports only 100% transparency
u cant have 50% opacity in GIf<<

really?  hmm... learn something new everyday.  Thanks for the tip
In REALAX, look in the Material Editor. In there you should find an option to do transparency.
It might be called transparency mapping, or it might be called alpha something-or-other.
That will allow you to control the degree of transparency in the material for the object.

Snarfles, you should post a question in Community Support asking them to remove the question from the Photoshop area. So far I'm the only one who posted there, and I have no objection.

For historical purposes, here's what I posted there:
>To get a semi-transparent effect, you need to change the opacity
> of the layer, then save the image in a format that supports a
>separate alpha channel, such as 32 bit TIFF (might be called RGBA).
                                                           ^^^ My mistake, I meant TGA
>And then RX/Scene (I assume) must be able to read that file format
>and make use of the alpha channel. I assume it can, but I don't know.

>It might make more sense to create the transparency effect in your
>renderer rather than trying to make it happen in Photoshop. If you
>look in your material editor, there should be some sort of
>transparency mapping. If your renderer supports caustics, that can
>be great for producing rippling water effects.

SnarflesAuthor Commented:
OK I posted a request to delete that other thread.

Im the material editor I have found the alpha option but when playing around with that it either does nothing or makes the entire thing transparent at a certain point. Ie >24/100 its solid but when <23 it suddenly switches to completly transparent. This is with the texture added over the top of the transparency material. Without the texture over the top it appears to be fine and I have a faint blue semi transparent polygon.

Its now been submitted though but Id still love to work out what im doing wrong.

I tried several formats last night but ill try TGA again (dont remember which ones I tried anyway) and muck around with it some more.
Billmercer almost said it all, but I'd like give a few tips more.

I have to say that I don't know RELAX at all! But I think that you can map a transparency there. So now. Create the water image and save it. I think also jpg works :) then create a BLACK & WHITE with no absolute black or white parts cause you wanted a semitransparency. Now with those two files created (the same size if you want them to match in RELAX) open relax and create a shader. name the way you want and load the texture (color image) to the "color" attribute of the shader. Then like Billmercer said connect the BLACK&WHITE image to the transparency channel of the shader. Now you are done and your render should read the black&white file as a transparency file. Changing the transparency map you will get different results. Play with that file and you'll get what you wanted.

Find out in the help files for relax how to do the transparency mapping ;)

hope this helped

It is my understanding that you should not be focusing on a bitmap image in photoshop, but rather a Material in a 3D environment if you want to simulate water in a 3D environment. I'm not familiar with REALAX but I know in 3D Studio Max you can make a water material and apply it to a 3D object such as a plane that could be the surface of your water. You can configure many different attributes for the material such as its opaciy, the color of the material, the bump map (i.e. the ripples on the surface), the reflection map (if you want it to reflect objects in the scene or another bitmap image), and even the refraction map (for determining how objects seen on the other side of the object look). I am not familiar with a tutorial in REALAX on making a water surface, but here are some links to some 3D Studio MAX tutorials that I've found helpful:


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I don't know if this helps you, but there is a really good photoshop filter plugin at called flood.  

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