SmartStamp - Install/Uninstall problems

SmartStamp is the Royal Mail's online electronic postage application. I've tried SmartStamp's telephone & email support but keep getting a Case number with promise to review - but nothing happens.

I had v1 installed and it worked OK. I saw v2 on the website and initially went for a download. I wasn't sure whether to uninstall v1 first (there's nothing on the website that I saw to indicate whether you should or not) so did, as I thought.

I tried to install v2 but whichever way I went it gets to beyond the point of uninstalling SmartStamp then says restart now or later, followed by the message on the screen-print attached.

Two or three times I got the Error message: 'Internal Error: 0x80040707' which I discovered after an Internet search appears to be something related to Windows Installer. However, recently that message has not been appearing so may not be relevant.

I have tried about 20 times to reinstall it and have also done the following:

Tried to uninstall via the Uninstall in the Programme
Tried to do a forced entry removal
Deleted the Royal Mail SmartStamp folder (and cleared the Recycle Bin)
Did searches on Royal Mail and SmartStamp and deleted anything which had either on (and again, emptied the Bin)
Now having received the CD, tried with that with EXACTLY the same result
Tried to reinstall with all virus protection disabled
Done a reinstall after a 'clean boot'  with nothing else at all running
Run a  sfc /scannow scan to check all files against the Windows CD
Screamed, torn my hair out, worn sackcloth and ashes etc etc
I am running WinXP Pro SP2 with an AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2200+ of 1.80 GHz and 512 MB of RAM, on a hard drive of 80 Gb with about 50 GB free.
I have tried to reinstall V1 but that results in exactly the same effect as v2, runs up to the Restart Now/later then the attached screen-print  
So I can't go back and I can't go forward.
What do you suggest? I'd be very grateful for your help. I love the programme but now can't use v1 OR v2!

fruityfj feeling like rotten fruit
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InstallShield is the method Royal Mail have used to deploy their software - over which you have no control.  The only thing you can do, I feel, is to point them in the direction of the InstallShield website and tell 'em to sort it.  Very frustrating.
One solution would appear to be to create a new Administrator account in XP.  Do this by logging in as Administrator, go into Control Panel, users, create an Administrator account with all privileges.  

Suggest you go through the uninstall steps you did before.
Login as this account, then try running v2 installation again.

FYI: This appears to be a serious bug in InstallShield.
fruityfjAuthor Commented:
Tried that today but exactly the same thing I'm afraid.
I also looked to see if I could install it to a different drive/partition but it doesn't give you that option.
Is it possible to update or reinstall InstallShield? I looked on the web but saw a lot of posts about potential spyware so didn't.
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