Do Standard OIDs exist for CPU, Memory and Temperature in Routers and Switches of any make?

Is there such a thing as an standard set of OIDs for any make of Routers and Switches etc that could be used to poll for a given set of parmeters? For example I want to identify OIDs to monitor CPU, Memory and Temperature for any given Router and Switch. Can this be done just by looking at the MIB or do I have to build a lookup database of OIDs for all possible Router and Switch makes in order to identify them?

Many thanks in anticipation
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Hi Rmocherla,
i think you need to make a database by yourself...
RmocherlaAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Any ideas how I should start?
Use an SNMP server.  SNMP is capable of monitoring CPU, Temp (for routers capable of monitoring temp), and mem then sending your server SNMP traps.  SNMP works because it uses the MIBs which are fairly standard.  Check with your router docs to find out about configuring an SNMP community.
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Hi Rmocherla,
The variables you are looking to monitor wont be in a industry standard MIB so you will need to look at each individual equipments custom MIB for the OID's to query. The MIB is just a text file so you could open it in a text editor and look for the OID's that you wish to monitor.

I take it that you are thinking of writing a program to monitor these values on various routers yourself or something similar?
I think most of the ones you want are going to fall into syslog, the only other category would be environ.  If you're a cisco shop, look at this page:

Here's some links for a free SNMP management tool
RmocherlaAuthor Commented:
Many thanks for the replies.

So the conclusion is that we need to set up this databse from scratch.

We are writing customised software to poll devices using SNMP. The agent needed at each customer site is a download from our website. Only one agent is needed at each customer site since we are not expecting more than 20 SNMP devices would need monitoring per customer. The agent needs basic device details such as IP address, DNS Name etc, to gather more information needed to set up monitoring of standard parameters (CPU, Mem etc). This means that we can obtain the MIB file from each Router or Switch through SNMP, but we we will need to look up the relevant OID for CPU temp etc from a central provsioning server.

The question now though is, of the hundreds of makes out there, we would need a databse of the popular ones to cover 95% of the makes and models - so that the software identifies and selects the relevant OIDs automatically - whilst we handle the remaining 5% through ad-hoc research.

Any ideas where to go to get the popular makes and models? Any public domain or paid repositories that can be accessed?
I realize this is a labour intensive task and we are willing to allocate the resources once we know what we are doing.

Many thanks
You can download complete collections of MIB's for each manufacturer here:-

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