Setting the visible property of a list item

Hi, I have an <ul> which has several <li> inside. My question is: How do I hide / show a specific <li> without creating one <ul> for one <li>, putting the <ul> inside a panel and setting the visible property of that panel?
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Hi James_fl,

have you tried useing Literal control
create literal control for each <li>, and add this <li> inside the control
create <ul>

    <asp:Literal Text="<li>your text</li>" id="li1" runat="server" />
    <asp:Literal Text="<li>your text</li>" id="li2" runat="server" />

and then hide and show the literals

James_flAuthor Commented:
thanks for answering mmarinov.

I need to put a link button on the list. If I put an <asp:linkbutton> tag inside the text attribute, will it render properly?

James_flAuthor Commented:
so it will be like this:

<asp:Literal id="li1" runat="server" Text="<li><asp:linkbutton id=""btn"" runat=""server"">Link 1</asp:linkbutton></li>"

If I do that, can I manipulate the btn in Visual Studio?
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i don't think so
the Text property can accept and render only pure html
i've checked and saw ( i didn't know that it is possible )
<ul runat="server" id="as">
  <li runat="server" id="as2">assa
    <asp:HyperLink Runat="server" NavigateUrl="asss" id="we">123</asp:HyperLink></li></ul>

Are you trying to programmatically decide, from the code-behind file, which <li> elements to display or not display?

Or are you trying to provide the ability to hide/show <li> elements dynamically within the browser (without PostBack) based on some user actions?
If it's the former (display or not from code-behind code), then why not something simple like:

        <li runat="server" id="li1">Item #1</li>
        <li runat="server" id="li2">Item #2</li>
        <li runat="server" id="li3">Item #3</li>

And then, in the code-behind file, you'd have:

    protected HtmlGenericControl li1;
    protected HtmlGenericControl li2;
    protected HtmlGenericControl li3;

and wherever you want to make the show-or-not-show decisions

    li1.Visible = true;
    li2.Visible = false;
    li3.Visible = true;

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James_flAuthor Commented:
Thogek, your solution works. thanks..

mmarinov, I tried your second solution but it didn't work since it can't find the control. But since your first solution works and it actually answered my question (my fault for not asking specifically), I'll give you also a portion of the point

MOD, please split the point and give 100 point to mmarinov.
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