Coldfusion or JS Referrer NOT recognized from Flash AS

Trying to display referrer from AS code, but it is not recognized by either JS or Coldfusion.  The Flash AS button is:

_root.myButton_btn.onPress = function() {
      getURL("javascript:var mypopup ='','mySite','toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=0,resizable=0,width=780,height=425');");

The web page that that pops up does NOT recognize the referrer.  The code to output referrer that has been used is:


<script language="Javascript">
if (document.referrer&&document.referrer!=""){
document.write('Referrer URL: '+document.referrer+'<BR>');
else{document.write('NO referrer');}

Any ideas why this may be occurring and is there a solution?


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negatyveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is a known bug. This come from a flashkit thread on the argument:

"The reason you don't get the HTTP_REFERER environment variable is because it is not filled in by the Flash Player ActiveX Plug-in for IE.
The feature is disabled due to a conflict between the Flash Player ActiveX plug-in and IE4 - which MacroMedia are commited to supporting.
The plug-in and browser crashed when attempting to fill out this variable and thus MM disabled the feature in its IE plug-in."
splendorxAuthor Commented:
FYI - the referrer is recognized by Netscape and Firefox.  However, it is NOT recognized by IE.
splendorxAuthor Commented:
Are there any documented alternatives for getting the http_referer?
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