Control access to Web pages

I have a box in Win 98SE with IE 6.0

I need to have a log of the pages visited the last 30 days and if possible send an e-mail with that log to a pre-defined address. Also users shouldn´t be able to clean/delete that log

Can this be achieved and if so how?

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Yes and no.  What you're looking for is spyware.  Parental control software, by another name.  If you're using this at home, go for it.  You can do that to your kids, although they may resent you for it.  If you're trying to do it at work, you need to look into it first.  Monitoring users' activity can be illegal depending on where you live, especially if they're unaware that they're being monitored (ie. there's no policy stating that activity can be monitored, that there's no expectation of privacy, etc.).

Do a google search on activity monitoring or parental control and take your pick.  As to the yes and no, yes you can monitor that activity.  Many of the packages can email reports.  They're designed to run hidden.  However, in 98, everyone essentially has admin privileges and can delete what you've done, if they know where to look and are knowledgable enough.  Even if you poledit them, they can reboot and get to a DOS prompt (unless you run the reg hack that disables the F8 key during bootup and you password protect the BIOS and set it to boot from the C drive first) and kill things from there.  So, no you can't absolutely ensure that they can't mess with your logs or program; you can just make it difficult for them.

Good Luck!

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How is this machine connecting to the Internet?  Is it going by a proxy server, or a modem straight to the web.  An excellent product for stand alone i.e not using proxy is Cyber Patrol.  And it is very difficult to remove.

If your using a proxy server a couple of good products are Websense and Content Keeper.  Both work very well.

Hope this helps
moose25Author Commented:
The machine is accessing the Web through a router on a network using a ADSL connection.

Any other product besides Cyber Patrol ?

<quote>Any other products besides Cyber Patrol?</quote>  Yes.  As I said, do a google search.
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