Printer over Wireless connection wont work "RPC failure"

I set up a wireless router at a friends house yesterday, she lives about 5 hours away. We have recently bought her a very nice toshiba laptop (P4 3.06 HT) and she wanted to connect to the internet at her house from anywhere in her house. I set up the router as a gateway, and connected the existing computer to it. Then I set up the wirless channel and the WEP and connected the laptop to it. It works, the internet does. I then put the laptop on the same workgroup as the other computer.
The printer is connected to the desktop. I was having problems setting it up (it wouldnt see the printer for some reason over the browse in the add a printer wizard) but i got it to work by setting up a password for her account on the desktop.

Today, Im back home -5 hours away- and she all of a sudden cant print. I cant go back up there to fix it for her, so I have to walk her through it on the phone. I checked the RPC service, and its on, the print spool service is on, and they are still both a part of the same workgroup. The wireless connection is still up, and the printer can still be printed from on the other computer. The other computer IS on and logged in.

I tried to walk her through the add a printer wizard, and thats how we noticed we cant see the other computer on the network.

I need as many solutions as possible, and as quickly as possible - So Im offering top points.
Thanks in advance
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unreal400Connect With a Mentor Commented:
through network neighborhood  browse to the computer that has the printer hooked up from the laptop.  my guess is it will ask you for a password to access  the machine. ONce you put that password in I'm sure the printer will start working again.    

Windows will loose the login information every now and then and when it does it will also prevent printing from happening.

StaindSou11Author Commented:
Is there anyway to make a permanent fix to make sure it doesnt happen again?
if you have windows xp  at the bottom of the screen it has a check box to remember this password. Usually if you check that off it will work fairly well without problems its just every now and then it can disconnect  theres not way to permanently stop it from happening that i know of.

you can set up identical usernames and passwords on the machines and at that point it should log on automatically since it has the same permisions.

Give that a try,  hope it helps
StaindSou11Author Commented:
Thanks so much!
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