Add a router? Not sure how this will work.

ok... i have a home network which includes 3 workstations and 1 server, It is currently setup with a cheap D-Link DI-604 (1wan,4lan ports). I would like to make a the jump to a wireless access point. I am currently using ICS with an xp client to ad-hoc it..... it's painfully slow. So i bought a new DI-524 802.11G router(1wan,4lan+wireless).... i know it was stupid... i shoulda bought a wireless switch. I am going to try to connect the two together to make more ports. Reason is, i have a server that i have upgraded, i added another network card to it and used NIC Express to load balance the network connections, thus allowing reasonable speed when two or more clients are accessing the server. My current router only has four ports for clients, so i cannot connect the second network cable from the server.
If i was to add the wireless router to the mix, could i just plug a cable from one router to the other to create more ports? I belive i may run into double routing issues, would it be better to connect from the main routers lan lan to the second routers lan?(effectively creating a hub instead of a router) The problem with this is that then im wasting the wan port on the second router.  Is there a way of De-militarizing the second router as if to have two separate routers? or 'sub-routering'?

Any ides will be VERY welcomed....
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If I understand correctly you have 3 computers  and 1 server with two NICs.  
You could simply trace from the server to the wan port on the Routers and have two subnets.
                                                           |       |___________
                                              Router#1 |        Router#2    |
                                               1 2 3 4  w        1 2 3 4 w<---
Alternatively run from the server to one of the routers twice (one to the wan port, other to the lan. and subnet off of one of the lan ports on the router.
                                                   _____|       |
                                                   |  Router#1-w
                                                   |    | | | |  
                                                   |__1 2 3 4          
                                                                 ^Router 2
                                                                    |  |   |  |
                                                                    1  2   3  4

Depending on the router, you should be able to turn Router 2 into a complete DMZ by turning off the firewall feature.    
Neither setup is perhaps optimal, but that's what you can do with the equipment you have.

 - tcblack
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