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ADSL, IP's, Router, Wireless disconfiguration, need help

Hi all! I need quite a bit of help here :P

I dont know exactly how this hapened but it did.
My hole network has crashed, i have lost all my IP's and for some reason only one computer can conect at a time to internet.
Router: 3com 812
Wireles Acces Point: Belkin54g

I need to get 4 pc's (win XP) back online and my pda. I'll try to get as much information i can from my ADSL provider.

Thanks in advance
1 Solution
Do you by chance have MAC address locking or WEP  setup on your  wireless network?

If you can connect to the internet through your router with a  wired connection then the problem is either in your routers DHCP settings   or your wireless network setup.  Is the one computer that still works   on wireless or  wired?

I am curious as the to proper functioning of the wireless component. Since one computer can access the internet, it is quite unlikey the router has any problem because the possibility that the router has "some" parts of it gone weird is very less.

The computer which is able to access Internet. Is it wired or on wireless?



Having dealt with quite a few cases of "LOSS OF LAN CONNECTIVITY" on Linksys routers in the past month, I have a few questions for you:

Have you recently added a VOIP device?  Working for an ISP, I have found that Linksys forgot to notify their customers that some of their 2-3 year old "B" routers cannot handle VOIP..this could be the case with your 3com.  Having spoken with Linksys, they stated that the older chip boards cannot handle the necessary signal strength for 3 hard wired computers and one VOIP device at the same time.  The symptoms of this are exactly similar to your's.

If you are not using VOIP, definitely check to see if you have DHCP active, and as another troubleshooting step, try hard coating all of your network's IPs within the router and their XP Network connectoids.

Make sure that your Belkin is not the source of the problem.  Remove it, and try to get your network going that way....if there is a short in one of your ethernet jacks (or a damaged circuit board), you must set a goal of isolating the physical problem.  Start with the basics (one computer hard wired to the router) and move up until you fail.  TAKE NOTES!

From the wireless perspective, make sure that you still have your WEP keys...make sure that WEP is diabled for trouble shooting purposes and vis-a-vis.

As a last ditch attempt....look on the bottom and/or back of the router...you're looking for a little hole that might have the word "RESET"....your goal is to reset the router back to its factory state when you first purchased it.  Your ISP (if they supplied the router to you) should have a personalized firmware version already stored in the router before shipping it to you.  If not, remember that 95% of aDSL lines work with PPPoE authentication and have 0/35 as their VPI/VCI settings (you might see it as RVPI/RVCI on the router's advanced config page)

If you have any further info to provide, it would be great!

Good Luck.


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Miles_123Author Commented:
thank you for your quick responses :)

unreal400, i have disabled mac and wep on my Wireles network, and like you said , it sounds something to do with the DHCP. I am curently on wire.

kidoman, I was trying to configure my wi-fi and inserted my adsl suplier cd and it deconfigured the whole thing, as said before I am currently wired.

I doubt there is anything wrong with the AP.

Thanks again,
Miles_123Author Commented:
Collin, thank you for your detailed post :)
I have no VOIP devices, I dont know how to check for DHCP and i dont think i understand what hard coating means. I shall now try pressing the reset button quite hard because i think it doens work :p

Thanks for your help,
I have a feeling somehow the DHCP settings are not getting through your AP if they are 2 separate items. Which it sounds like they are.   There could be a conflict in DHCP settings between your router and WAP.  That would be the first place I would start looking.  If you have a way to log into the AP and look at the settings.

The only other thing I can think of is  and IP address conflict between devices.  

Miles_123Author Commented:
I never had DCHP, and yes they are 2 separate units. I can connect with both, but just one computer at a time, wich is annoying. I have also reset the AP to factory setings wich i know work well. I have just downloaded the 3com "remote 812 ADSL router" CD, wich if i can log on and get past my service providers acount i should be aible to get some detailed info...

thanks again :)
I assumed you were using DHCP since you said you couldn't GET ip address.

So you are statically defining your IP addresses and you can connect to only one computer at a time it sounds like  conflicting IP addresses to me. check your ip address on each machine and make sure they are not the same.  That is if you can connect with any one computer  at any time but never two at the same time it is an IP address conflict.   Also if you are statically defining your IP addresses  make sure you are using the correct DNS settings for your internet provider.  

check and make sure you can ping your router.  If you can ping your router but cant get on the internet then it is simply a matter of changing which DNS servers you are pointing to.
I just realized that when you said Router: 3com 812  you meant  ADSL modem.  I was assuming you had a 3com router with a separate wireless access point on it.  I guess I should have looked those models up before I started.

now I can clarify a bit more

1)You can connect when you directly plug into the DSL  but not when you go through the Belkin  router?
2)you can connect through the router but only through one of the 4 wired ports on it?
3)you can connect from the wired or wireless ports but only 1 machine will operate at any given time.

if you get back to me with that it might great increase my ability to help you out with this one.
Miles_123Author Commented:
Option number 3 is correct :)
Miles_123Author Commented:
Oookay, after getting past the filter i have aces to the router, setings are:
-Global Settings
Bridging: No
IP Routing: Yes
IPX Routing: No
-Local LAN Config
--IP LAN settings
---IP LAn network
      Name: LAN
      IP Adress:
      IP Mask:
      RIP: None
      Use this IP network as the DHCP server?: Yes
      Domain Name: dummy.net
      IP start:
      # Addresses: 1
      Lease Timeout: 60
      Wins: -
      DNS servers: -
--DNS Settings
    Enable DNS: No
    Host table: Static DNS Entries (Which are none)
--IP Static routes
--IPX Addresses
--IPX Static Services
--IPX stati routes
-Remote site configuration
   Remote Site Name: internet   Enable remote site? Yes
   Network Service
    PPP over ATM(PPPoA): No
    PPP over Ethernet(PPPoE): No
    RFC1483: Yes  DHCP client: No
    RFC1483 with MAC encapsulation: No
   VC Parameters
    VPI: 8
    VCI: 32
   Quality of service:
    Unspecified Bit Rate: Yes
    Constant Bit Rate: No  Constant Cell Rate: 0
   Enable bridging: No  Enable IP routing: Yes Enable IPX routing: No

Thats about it i guess :P
Miles_123Author Commented:
Well I finaly have my internet back, tried some IP's then reset the router to "multipuesto" wich i dont know what thats called in english :P  Thanks for your help!!!!!
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