Hard drive nearly full but shouldn't be...........

I have a 37 Gig hard drive with Win XP Pro SP2 on it.

The space being used can be broken diown as follows:

pagefile.sys 4 Gigs
hibefil.sys 1 Gig
Gobackio.bin (Norton/Powerquest GoBack) 4 Gig
Windows Directory 2 Gigs
Program Files 2 Gigs
Documents and Settings 2 Gigs

TOTAL SPACE USED approx 15-16 Gigs

ACTUAL SPACE AVAILABLE as reported by Win XP 3 Gigs / I should have 37-16=21 Gigs.  

I have my settings set to show hidden & system files and folders.

How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance!

David Springer
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Hello d_springer =)

Have u already run Disk Cleanup and Chkdsk /f/r on ur hard drive to make sure that its error free ??

That seems to be new problem in SP2..... many questions are posted on this same problem !!
So can u plzz try to uninstall SP2 and then can check if u can retain ur hard drive space back or not ??
This will confirm abt the issue related to Sp2 or something else :-?

First try to uninstall it using the method given here:

XP SP2: How to Remove or Uninstall Service Pack 2

If above fails then try the Recovery Console method as described below:

How to remove Windows XP Service Pack 2 from your computer

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There's a shareware program that comes with a 30 day trial.
It's called Treesize Professional.
it's very good in situations like this.
I run it myself and would recommend.
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Found another good one which addresses MISSING HARD DRIVE SPACE:

d_springerAuthor Commented:
As soon as I removed SP2 the space showed up as 20 gigs.
David Springer
What was taking up the rest of the space then?
Is this a situation that would have been fixed by chkdsk /f ?
In other words, file system error somewhere, wrong free space reported.

If sp2 is actually using the space, with what?

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