Live linux CD over network.

If you can install linux over FTP instead of the actual CD, can you do the same thing to the Live CD distrebutions? I mean running a linux distro over the network.  Burning CDs everytime the distro is updated is a pain and it runs extremly slow.  I already waisted over 80 CDs by doing that!!!
If it can be done, please tell me how.  If its possible and someone will tell me how, to do it, i will give 500 points.

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AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperAsked:
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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Generally Yes to all - but I can only tell you with Debian - If you use Debian, you can simply type "apt-get upgrade" and that will effectively upgrade your distribution.  Otherwise, you can download boot floppies for most distros that will let you install/upgrade via FTP.
There is a technology made specifically for booting from the LAN. PXE Boot. You may have seen it when you booted and your network card initiated.

The process involves a DHCP server which handles the initial IP and rudimentary instructions. I think that it needs an NFS server to pull files from. I have not done this, although I have read material online before because I was curious and it is possible with Linux. I do not know if Knoppix is usable that way, but I tinkered with some dumb terminals that booted that way and it is similar in execution. The terminals were PowerPC, and the files for them came directly from IBM with the exact intent of a Linux server booting them to a Linux environment.
AlexanderREnterprise Web DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Which means that i will need to have a linux server running.  Right?

I only have windows 2003 server ent.  I am trying to learn linux so i can switch over, but i don't think that can happen soon.  Can i do anything like this with 2003?

Thanks for replies.
> I already waisted over 80 CDs by doing that!!!

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