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Exchange 2003 W2k3 Active Directory.
I have a user that needs two mailboxes. Actually, One mailbox that she connects to from her desktop and another address that when mail is sent to her second address it just forwards to her first address.
Her desktop connects to
Second address forwards to her exchange mailbox is

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why does the user need two mailboxes?
If the user just needs to receive emails on two addresses, then just add the second address to the existing account. I do this all the time with misspellings, hyphantions etc. Just ensure that the email address you want the messages to go out with is the default (in bold).

However, if the user wants to be able to send using both addresses, then you need two mailboxes, show the user how to use the From line, give the primary Windows account full mailbox rights on the second mailbox. This will mean a second AD account for the user, which they shouldn't use.
To forward the messages, you can just use the option built in to Exchange as part of ADUC.

Donnie4572Author Commented:
Thanks Simon,
I Added the second address to the email address tab and it works great!
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