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Domain Logon Problems with Net Logon

Aye, major headache.

Here's some background:
We have a small server/client network, running Windows 2003 Small Business Server. Just got a new workstation that will be replace another, older one. The new one has Windows XP SP2, the old one had Windows 98SE. After updating Windows on the new workstation, I joined it to our domain with no problems. I put in the same log on info that the old computer has (the one to be replaced). Everything's working fine. The new user can log in and access all the networked drives, etc. So far, so good. The problem is that I cannot log in as any other user on the domain into this computer. But I need to do this because the designated user for this computer does not have sufficient privileges to install and remove programs, and I need to install the network version of Peachtree on this. If I log in as, say, the domain administrator, I get the following error: "Unable to log you on  because the netlogon service is not running on this machine." I get this for ANY of the users we have on this domain except the one I used first (the user whose computer is being replaced by this one). Anyway, I logged in as a local Administrator and checked the Netlogon service in "Services." It is not running. So I turned it on manually and get this error: "Could not start the Net Logon service on local computer. Error 10106: The requested service provider could not be loaded or initialized."

Yikes! Now what?? I'm not very good when it comes to such advanced networking, though I know myself around Win XP pretty well. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
1 Solution
Here's something I found online that claimed to solve this problem for others:
source: http://tinyurl.com/4z7ol

Run "winmsd" and go to Components/Network/Protocol. Look at the
names in the list, anything with "MSAFD" in it or the "RSVP xxx Service
Provider" should be fine. Anything else is suspect, and uninstalling the
owning program might help.

If that fails or your provider list is empty, you may need to rebuild the
catalog from scratch. The following instructions will rebuild your catalog
for TCP/IP. If you are using any other transports (If you don't know, then
you probably aren't) then you will have to reinstall them as well.

1. Backup and delete the following registry keys


2. Reboot

3. Go to the network connections folder, right click the icon for your
network connection, and select properties.

4. Click install, choose "protocol", and click "add..."

5. Click "Have Disk...", enter "\windows\inf", click OK

6. Select "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), click OK

7. When the process in complete, reboot
Check your event viewer for any other errors. If the netlogon service is not working something is very corrupted. Even though its a new computer, maybe during the transition something got messed up.

With the username that does work can you check to see if the netlogon service is running with the user logged on?
maritoboyAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your help. I honestly don't think I want to mess with the winmsd thing because I have no idea what damage I could cause there, and after all, the one user account that I want on there DOES work. But this is interesting. I logged in with that one user account and checked the Netlogon Service. It's OFF! That's right, it's off. Isn't that amazing? I can't turn it on there because I don't have sufficient privileges.

I can try fixing the winsock though I don't think that has anything to do with it. The most puzzling thing about it is that that one user works fine. But apparently the Net Logon is ALWAYS off. Now, I did NOT do or change anything about this new workstation on the server. I made no configuration changes or anything (I wouldn't know very well how anyway). Is this significant? I simply hooked up the new PC to the network and joined the domain. It's all I did. And for that one user it works fine.

What do you think I should do? Maybe wait and see if someone else has encountered the same problem and posts a response? I should have this working by the middle of next week.

Thanks and good night!
You might just want to try resetting the Winsock with WinsockXPfix 1.12.  It can be found at http://www.spychecker.com/program/winsockxpfix.html

maritoboyAuthor Commented:
Oh my goodness, you did it! It's working! I can't believe this. I deleted the registry keys you said and reinstalled the protocal according to your instructions. Way to go!! So I suppose this means that there was a corruption in the registry? Either way, it's working now, and that means 500 points for you! THANK YOU!!
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