Delete All Items in Outlooks/MSN Calender (Using Outlook Connector for MSN)

I have a user who is usng the Outlook Connector for MSN and he would like to sync all of his calender options with his PDA.  He has all of the calender entries listed in Outlook, MSN and his phone.  We removed his oulook PST since he is using the outlook connector.  The problem I am having now is when I try and sync his palm phone, the palm software gets confused and is saying since it is restoring the items in "Recovery Mode" it will duplicate everything and this would be a major pain to fix.

My question is is there any way we can delete all items out of the MSN calneder, either through Outlook or logging onto MSN so I can resync the phone and allow it to add all the entries?
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alwayssmilingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you can do is open Outlook, and go to the account you want to delete the items out of.  Then, click on Calendar (Sub category of that account), and Click on View---> Current View---> Events.  This should set the page to all of the events listed on MSN Calendar.  Then, select the ones you want to delete (either by holding the CTRL key and clicking, or if it's all of them, click on the first entry, then scroll down to the last entry, hold the shift key and click).  Finally, hit your delete key or the X button on the toolbar.. This will delete all of the events.

Hope this helps.

PS I had to do this, because I had all of the holidays listed on my MSN calendar two and three times.
If everything is in the MSN Calendar and the phone, I would recommend resetting the phone rather than MSN Calendar.

meintsiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure hoe the PDA configures to attach to Outlook, but here's an idea.

1) Within Outlook, move a copy of all the calendar events you wish to you default calendar store. (or creata a  new .pst file for this purpose).
2) Delete everything within the PDA. (even possibly the PDA program installed on the pc?)
3) Delete evferthing within the Outlook Connector calendar folder.
4) Allow the connector to update with MSN and check that it is empty via the web.
5) Move the items form the calendar used in step 1 above into the Outlook Connector calendar folder.
6) Repeat step 4, this time checking for the "new" calendar items.
7) Reaattch the PDA to the pc and everything should update.
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One other thing I would suggest is leaving the outlook.pst file there.  I'll have to check my other computer, but I think that your main e-mail (MSN or Hotmail) is assigned to the outlook.pst file even though you are using the Outlook Connector.

Hope this helps you.
bedumasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Working for a COO who thinks he is computer savy, I have had to delete duplicate Calendar events many, many times as a result from syncing gone worng...:) alwayssmiling is correct. To delete ALL entries in Outlook's calendar; while you are in your Calendar folder go to View > Current View > Active Appointments or Events. Select the first event in the list, hit Ctrl + A (select all) then hit your Delete key.

Good luck,
hatapConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To delete all of the items in the Outlook Calendar folder:
1. Start Outlook, and then click your Calendar folder.
2. On the View menu, point to Current View, and then click By Category.
3. On the View menu, point to Expand/Collapse Groups, and then click Collapse All.
4. In the Table pane, right-click each category, and then click Delete. This deletes every item that belongs to each category.  

After you delete all of the items in all of the categories, the Calendar folder is empty.

On the PDA somewhere there will be a reset button, press the reset, reconnect and resybchronise.

Hope this helps
tinaahoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I do this often as I import from Access my engagements, so when engagements change I have to delete all items in my Outlook Calendar and import new engagements from Access. The easiest way I have found is through the archive funtion. I just archieve everything in my calendar older then year 2010. Works like a charm.

Please let me know if this helps.
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