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Windows NT/2000 AD Migration


I am currently the admin of a Win2k/WinNT mixed mode domain.  The root was originally called abc.com on NT4.0.  About 2 years ago (before I started at this company) a NT box was upgraded to 2K to take advantage of active directory.  When the 2K box was added instead of using abc.com the domain was called corp.abc.com.  

The corp.abc.com pc is running dns/wins services and is currently seen as the Primary DC by the last NT box on my network.  When I add pc's to the domain I type in abc.com and it joins the domain, but when I check the fqdn of the pc is says computer.corp.abc.com.  Also, when I am on the 2k box and open domain users and computer the root domain is listed as corp.abc.com.  When I look at users and computers on the NT box they are listed in abc.com domain.

Basically the question I want to know is,

What steps do I need to take to get the domain name back to abc.com without having to start a new domain from scratch?  The NT box is still listed as abc.com domain without the corp.  Is it possible to create a NT machine as a BDC, then upgrade it to PDC and do a Win2k migration?  Will this give me the option to change the FQDN and will this update all the computers to be

Then I will just run dcpromo on the other domain controllers to get rid or the corp.abc.com  I have been reading TechNet and have been searching Google for about 2 weeks but haven't found anything that is exactly like my situation.  Any help is appreciated.  Thanks

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with win3k you can change a domain name, however win2k you can't, sorry
joshp20Author Commented:

if I do a WinNT upgrade straight to 2k3 I am able to change the domain from corp.abc.com to abc.com   ?  

the problem you have is its a mixed mode domain, while win2k3 you can change the DN. what you have done is created a forest called corp.abc.com and this was the first DC in the domain??? which as you will understand is your forest root DC and contains the 5 FSMO roles. PDC swaps in NT4 where a pain but seemed to work ok.  By the sounds of it you have inherited a prime example of AD being poorly planned and only now seeing the results.

A.) you need to ask yourself, is this neccessory to change this??
b.) how feasable would it be to build a fresh forest and profom a migration??

sorry but i think to upgrade the domain to Win2k3 from nt4 via windows 2000 is just asking for trouble!!!

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joshp20Author Commented:
I think I may have found my answer.


I need to create a NT BDC and then run dcpromo on all the win2k domain controllers.  This should revert back to a straight NT domain.  Then when I do an upgrade on the BDC it will give me the option for the domain name.  Here I have the option to create abc.com instead of corp.abc.com

Let me know if this sounds feasible.  I will be building a test environment next week to test.  Thanks

joshp20Author Commented:
That did the trick.  I was able to run dcpromo on all the 2k domain controllers and revert back to a NT domain.  Then I decided to upgrade to 2003 server instead of 2k.  It prompted me for the Domain name and I was able to get rid of the corp.abc.com  

Now just onto upgrading exchange 5.5  :)

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