format a hard drive

i was given a computer at work. i want to format hard drive to erase the network software off it and have a clean hard drive to put a windows os on it. it only has dos 6.2 and i can get to fdisk but don,t know what numbers to choose to format or erase off what is on it to put a win os on it. will i erase dos by choosing #1 and reformating and i just want one partition. thanks
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SheharyaarSaahilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello bowie92 =)

If u want to install Win95\98\ME, then get a bootdisk from here >>
and then use fdisk to delete cureent partitions and creating only one primary partition >>
Then restart and choose the Start With CDROM Support, format ur hard drive and then insert the OS CD, and run Setup.exe from it to install the OS !!

Format and Reinstall Windows 95\98\ME:

And if u want to install WinXP\2000, then u dont need the bootdisk, just set the boot order to boot from teh CD first, insert the CD and start the system, press any key to start Windows setup and follow the onscreen instructions to install the OS !!

How To Do A Clean Install Of XP:

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I would recommend downloading a Windows 98 Boot Disk from - then boot to it.  Simply type FORMAT C:

FDISK is only necessary if you want to partition it, making a C: and D: drive, for example.
1- you shoud have windows CD. it is betterif it is bootable cd. if not NO problem.
2- get this file to have boot disk
3- use clean floppy and click on boot98sc.exe.

now u have two option :
1- if ur windows cd is bootable , then boot from the cd and continue the installation. during the installtion windows will ask you to choose drive. YOU delete all the drive then creat a new one. THEN DONE.

2-if ur windows cd not bootable. then
boot from floppy.
choose (3) then there will be 4 option....... try to choose all of them one by one to delete all drive and partition.
then if u delete all of them.
choose (1) and create new drive .
then Esc.
restart ur pc and again boot from floppy.
from A:\fromat c:

then after finish from a:\smartdrv
then but ur cd then let say ur cd letter is r.
r:\cd i386.
then goooooooooooooooooooooooo. ur DONE
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I also want to post this link for some helpful tips with creating bootable CDs and also for running a debug script on a hard drive.  Try

This is my personal site and has links to things like reinstalling windows and creating bootable CDs that you can use to perform functions like running a debug script to completely erase a hard drive and make it like new again.  Please try this site out.  You won't regret it.
bowie92Author Commented:
o.k. please give me some time to look over everyones suggestions and i will post back when i get the hard drive formatted. thanks
no problem bowie... take ur time and good luck :)
bowie92Author Commented:
hey, thanks to SheharyaarSaahil for the help. your link to helped. i am partitioned and formatted to a c prompt and can work my way thru an install o.k. thanks, jim
great :)
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